We’re doomed (again), I tells ya!

I’ve had a busy year, and forgotten about the prophecy by Harold Camping, the ultra-noisy Christian dude from America, that the rapture was going to happen in May. As we know, it didn’t (or maybe it did happen and we’re all the badasses who got left behind….?).

However, I do now recall him changing his tune and something about ‘6 months’ time’. Well, apparently, that’s this Friday (see link to news article), and presumably in Australian Eastern Daylight Time. I, for one, am quite underwhelmed by this possibility. I’d also like to think that if the second coming of Jesus did occur, he’d be rightly pissed off with the way so many Christians have taken his name and turned it into some kind of money-grabbing hoopla, or as part of religious war-mongering, and smite them all down, or give them a nasty case of chickenpox or something.

If the choices are either going up to Heaven to spend my days with an overwhelmingly large bunch of Churchies, or sitting back with a nice shiraz and watching the fire and brimstone, I know which one I’d go for.


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