Monday Awesome: Queen classic

Today’s Monday Awesome should probably be re-named Monday Anxiety, as I am currently waiting to hear whether I will receive a 3-year research grant or not. I’ve been waiting 7 months for today, and the suspense is just about killing me. To deal with this, I will be cranking my iPod and listening to all kinds of upbeat and pleasantly distracting music. Like Don’t Stop Me Now, by Queen. This is a catchy song, but I think it also encapsulates how I feel about my work – I don’t want to stop doing it, but unfortunately that decision is out of my hands for the moment.

And, depending on the outcome of the grant, I might update this with either “We Are The Champions” or “Another One Bites The Dust”. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Monday Awesome: Queen classic

  1. Sorry, but another one has bitten the dust, including mine.

    In fact, the careers and aspirations of many young researchers have likely bitten the dust…

    Congatulations ARC for job poorly done.

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