Stuck in the 1950s

I’ve been doing a bit of travelling over the past few days, which has involved browsing magazine stands to find something nice to read on flights. I usually read science or running magazines, but I do browse the trashy women’s mags, to see what kinds of things I am missing out on. I’m not completely sure who Kim Kardashian is, but I’m under the impression that she’s obviously very important for reasons unknown. I was quite surprised when I saw the following cover story of the November issue of the Australian Women’s Weekly:

I don’t need babies to be a success“. This is their headline? I was disgusted for several reasons. 1) that the magazine felt this was sufficiently ‘controversial’ that they wanted to put it as a headline, 2) that this actor (I’m not familiar with her) felt the need to say this in the first place, and 3) that today, in 2011, a woman’s success is still measured by the number of progeny she has.

I selected my favourite trashy magazine, NewScientist, and I headed for the gate lounge. Bah.



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