Festivity under duress.

Spotted on campus - a tree festivized by students.

It’s December. The time of year when everyone gets a bit festive. Parties are thrown, little twinkly lights festoon  inanimate objects and tinsel seems to appear everywhere, presumably via spontaneous generation. Unfortunately, I’m just not feeling festive.

I’m from a very christmassy family, so it’s not a normal thing for me to be this un-festive at this time of year. It’s been ingrained in me from a very young age. My mum lives for Christmas and loves the whole shebang – the tree, the decorations, the gift-giving, the outrageous roast lunch, the carols, the lights….. I could go on, but you probably get the picture.

This year, however, time has simply gone too fast for me to be ready for the end of the year to roll around yet again. Where the hell did August, September and October go? It can’t possibly be Christmas time already! An “x days til Christmas’ countdown timer, courtesy of my sister and mother is not helping, it’s just making me more anxious that my year is ticking by uncomfortably quickly.

While at an end-of-year drinks event last Friday, I realised that if I wasn’t going to make an effort to be festive, I may as well just change my name to Ebenezer and be done with it. No-one likes a sourpuss at Christmas, not even me. I can’t change time (although I might like to) and the fact that I’ve been preoccupied with various things this year should make the festive season mean even more to me.

So please forgive me, festive friends, if I seem a bit reluctant to join you in your end-of-year merriment. It’s simply going to take me a little longer to get into being convivial. I shall start with stringing up some twinkly lights and see how long it takes for the tinsel to generate around my doorways.


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