I was trying really hard to read a paper – Perez-del-Olmo et al. (2011) Abundance–variance and abundance–occupancy relationships in a marine host–parasite system: The importance of taxonomy and ecology of transmission. International Journal for Parasitology 41, 1361-1370 – but I got a bit distracted by this:

It’s my own fault really, I shouldn’t go looking at Cheezburger when I have clever papers to read. I’ll blame my poor judgement and use of time on being insufficiently caffeinated.

I was quite excited by the paper because it has “ecology” AND “taxonomy” in its title and it still got published in IJP!! It doesn’t even have a molecular component either. Over the past few years, IJP has become increasingly interested in accepting papers very heavy on the molecules, which makes it difficult for other kinds of parasitological research to get published in this top-tier journal. Ahh, there’s hope for us ecologically-minded parasitologists after all. I shall present a review of the paper shortly, after I finish watching this gif and smiling at my computer screen like an idiot.


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