The Easter Bilby!

Easter bilbies, with hopping mouse interloper! (still from Fairfax news video)

Here is a video of some lovely fluffy-looking bilbies from Sydney WildLife (I think it’s at Darling Harbour?). They’re raising awareness of the endangered bilby over Easter, because bunnies just aren’t cool in Australia. Personally, I like all the little hopping mice (Notomys sp.) trying to get in on the action. They are just too cute.

Bilbies  are getting screwed over by introduced species like foxes, cats and rabbits. No, the rabbits don’t eat them, but they do destroy bilby habitat and outcompete them for resources. The nocturnal lifestyle of bilbies in arid areas means that they are difficult for the public to go and see, so raising awareness of them via captive animals is a good thing.

Save the Bilby Fund has lots of information and pictures of these quasi-bandicoots.


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