Monday Awesome: Quoll spotted in Victoria

Oh, man that was a bad pun in the title. For those not familiar, quolls have spots.

Dasyurus maculatus (image from Wikipedia)

The reason why a quoll-sighting in Victoria is exciting is because they are critically endangered in that region. Dasyurus maculatus, the spotted-tail or tiger quoll, is a largish marsupial found in Tasmania, parts of western Victoria and also has a coastal distribution from eastern Victoria into parts of coastal Queensland. However, none had been seen in the western part of Victoria for nearly 10 years, and there was concern that they’d become locally extinct. Today, via the ABC News website, we have word that a quoll was sighted and a scat taken that confirmed it came from a quoll. Yay! Hopefully that means that their numbers are increasing as a result of conservation efforts in the area.


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