Chinese marathon dog

It’s not Monday, but I think this story deserves a special honorary ‘Tuesday Awesome’ title.

A small stray dog has reportedly run almost 1200 miles (I think that’s about 2000km) across  China accompanying a group of cyclists who were undertaking a 3 week cycling trip.

Xiaosa – marathon dog. Image via UK Telegraph

I saw this first on the ABC News website, where they have some raw footage that has no translation, so I don’t know what the guy was saying about the dog. However, I found more info via the UK Telegraph. Apparently, one of the riders fed the dog one day and it started to follow the group. The cyclists figured it might follow them for a while, and then lose interest but it didn’t stop – it just kept going alongside them…. so it became part of the team. And, it now has a new home because the guy who fed it and carried it on his bike when it got tired is going to keep it. Nothing like weeks on the road to create new bonds!

According to the Telegraph report, the dog partook in 12 mountain climbs over 13,000 feet and ran for about 30-40 miles (~60km) each day. That’s a massive, awesome effort for a little dog.


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