Cold in Canberra

It has been quite cold in Canberra lately. The minimum overnight was -5 deg, resulting in some serious frost this morning. Here are some snaps from my backyard.

Most of the vegetables have either finished by now or been finished off by the frost (yes, basil, I’m referring to you!). My strawberry plants are about the only thing left and they still have the audacity to produce some flowers too.


The leaves of the strawberries are about the only ones left in the veggie patch.

We have a birdbath that I always thought was useless – but I’ve spotted some birds in it lately, so I guess it’s not so useless after all. Today, however, would have proved challenging for any birds wanting a dip or a drink as the water was frozen solid.


Birdbath water frozen solid

These last ones are me trying to be arty – with an iPhone camera…. I don’t think they look too bad, surprisingly. I do like the little ice crystals on the clover, and the proteas were up high in the sunshine so most of their ice was melting by the time I took the photo.




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