Tuesday Cringe: ‘Bogan’ in the dictionary.

There was nothing awesome about yesterday, so therefore no Monday Awesome. Sorry folks.

Today, however, I saw via various news sites that the Oxford English Dictionary (which is the one the Queen uses when she wants to check up on ‘her’ English) has included the word ‘bogan’ in its new edition. For the non-Aussie readers of the blog, here’s the OED definition:

a “depreciative term for an unfashionable, uncouth, or unsophisticated person, especially of low social status”

They forgot to mention that the bogan is often identified by a mullet or rat’s tail hairdo, and, increasingly, a Southern Cross tattoo, but I guess that comes under the general term ‘unfashionable’.

So, international readers, there you have it. Another insight into the rich and varied Australian lexicon. I hope you all use it in a sentence today.


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