Tuesday weirdness: mattress dominoes.

I forgot what day it was yesterday. I’m sorry. However, on the few occasions where I’ve forgotten the Monday Awesome, I’ve provided you with something on Tuesday. Today’s is a bit weird, but let’s face it, Tuesdays are a bit strange anyway so it’s probably a good fit.

The world record for mattress dominoes has been broken in Shanghai, with 1001 people holding onto mattresses participating. I can’t embed the video, so you’ll have to go to the link (here) to watch it at the ABC News site. Here’s a screenshot of it:

screenshot of video of mattress dominoes

Several questions arise:

  • why does there have to be a person on each mattress?
  • was the previous record just beaten (at 1000 people/mattresses), or did they go all-out and smash it?
  • why mattresses…..?

It does look like fun though.


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