Monday Awesome: Total solar eclipse in Queensland

OK, so it happened last Wednesday, but it was amazing. I didn’t get to see the whole thing as it was rather cloudy, but the clouds parted during totality and I got a glimpse of the completely covered sun.

Here’s one of the best photos I have seen of it, taken by CairnsDiveAdventures (@cairnsdiver) from Twitter:

Solar eclipse, Cairns. Photo via CairnsDiveAdventures.


Monday’s music – Soundgarden

Today is usually an Awesome day, but today, I’m really just wanting to play music really loud. Given I share an office, my music will be confined to my headphones. Here’s a taste of what might be coming up on my all-purpose rage-against-everything playlist: Soundgarden, from the early 90s. The music video is very early 90s too, which is a bit of a laugh.

Monday Awesome: Something for Kate

I bought the new Something for Kate album last week. It’s called Leave Your Soul to Science, and it’s actually quite good. It definitely grows with repeated listenings, although I still can’t like the first track. There were some acoustic covers at the end of the album, which I really, really like. Here’s one taken from a recent gig:

Monday Awesome: PSY – Gangnam Style!

I like K-Pop. I love this song. It’s so damn catchy, it gets stuck in my head all the time. I love the tongue-in-cheek nature of the video too. Apparently PSY taught Britney Spears how to do the ‘horsey dance’ on the Ellen DeGeneres show recently, but that’s another video for a different day.

Enjoy, gangnam-style.


Monday Awesome: I want to break free.

It’s spring, and in Canberra the weather has gotten warm right on cue. Well, sort of, we’re still dipping below zero overnight. So while I could post a picture of a baby animal, or some flowers, I’ve elected to go with how I’m feeling. After months of cold weather, it’s warm and sunny and I want to go to the beach. I want to break free. Or at least procrastinate by watching kooky music videos. Thank you Freddie et al. for providing me with the opportunitiy to do the latter with an awesomely weird video:

Monday Awesome: travelling to the moon.

Neil Armstrong, via ABC News, via AFP.

Neil Armstrong died yesterday. He was the first person to walk on the moon, which is pretty damn awesome in my book.

Neil Armstrong was globally famous for being the first person to stand on the moon, but he generally kept a low public profile. I didn’t really know a lot about his post-moon life, which was kind of the point: he went back to normal life after his space flight, shying away from the media and letting his achievement speak for itself.

Can you imagine what would happen now, in today’s narcissistic digital age, if we were to plan something as audacious and high-profile as space-flight and moon landings? Given the ridiculous hoopla surrounding the recent London Olympics, I guess it would be quite big deal. There would probably be a TV show plying through thousands of wannabes to find the astronaut ‘talent’, then a reality show based around the astronauts, and live twitter-feeds from the capsule as the astronauts land on the moon. I dare one of the hypothetical astronauts to tweet about “floating in a tin can” while piloting a moon-landing capsule. Once on the moon, they’d probably first have to put a McDonald’s banner, ‘the official sponsor of cosmic endeavours’, up instead of a nation’s flag or anything else that contravenes the sponsorship agreement. And, back on Earth, people at news desks would be busy trawling through millions of people’s tweets about it, and Instagrammed photos of the moon to make social-media snapshots passed off as journalism. When the astronauts got back to Earth, they’d have to do the talk-show circuit, endorse loads of unrelated products and have all manner of hangers-on trying to get a piece of them…..

Pardon my cynicism. I know more about Neil Armstrong following his death than I ever knew about him while he was alive. I respect him more now in light of that. Thank you, Mr Armstrong, for being so humble.