Book: ‘Melbourne’s water catchments’

In a fit of shameless self-promotion, I’m going to spruik my new book. (because if you can’t  show it off on your own blog, where can you?)

It’s called Melbourne’s water catchments: perspectives on a world-class water supply. It’s available from CSIRO Publishing.

The book is an account of the history of Melbourne’s water supply (I bet you didn’t see that coming), from the squalid swamps of the first settlements to the sophisticated system in place today. How have ecological, biological, economic and political pressures affected the water supply over time? What challenges will Melbourne face for water supply in the future? Find out in the book!

Melbourne's Water Catchments


Black fingers, long coffees: reasons why I miss newspapers.

OMG! No wait, this is a fake newspaper (image from

I read a lot of news, but rarely from hardcopy newspapers anymore. I know that reading things on the interwebs is better for the environment (or is it? Has anyone done the maths to see what emits more CO2 – killing trees and printing newspapers or digging up and burning coal to make electricity for my computer?), and the digital world is the future, but I have suddenly become quite nostalgic for the inky and flimsy-paper broadsheet.  Why? What is the allure of the newspaper?

Reasons why I miss newspapers:

1) You can spill coffee (or any other food/beverage) on them.

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