Things I like.

The Dashboard can be very helpful when constructing blog posts. For the non-WordPress user, it’s the page where all the magic happens. The Dashboard offers a ‘getting started’ bit, designed to help newbie bloggers (like me) figure out what they should post, and to develop their blog’s personality. One thing that has bothered me about my blog and the things I post is that WordPress suggests I write about the ‘things you like’, and I end up posting about work-related things like research and/or worms. Sometimes I feel like I either have no time to stop and indulge in the ‘things I like’, or I’m a totally boring person who talks non-stop about science and/or worms.

I’ve now taken steps to remedy this – I like bikes (both for riding and looking at), and I like racing in triathlons.  I like this very swish Cannondale Slice triathlon bike (below). Chrissie Wellington rides a Slice and she’s a 3x world Ironman champion. I’m not saying that if I get on this bike that I’ll suddenly be orders of magnitude better as an athlete, but hey, it’s a really nice bike.


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